Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sieur lil Gun - Noodles & Rice EP (2001-2003)

Çerikunda, Sieur lil Gun'ın ilk kaydı "Noodles & Gun" EP sini sunar:

Çerikunda presents the first tape of Sieur lil Gun's "Noodles & Gun" EP:

dial-up rock
shitty laptop pc + free-trial software + presets galore
made on a budget of dry pasta and tap water in paris 2001-2003 by sieur lil gun
rocking like it's 1992 forever

tracklist: peace & love & harmony / feels good to feel good / no fool to be sad / subway song / love child / oh the guilt / silver lining / hey hey / tarantula / that's a hell of a job son / that's about how much love they need / dread / zen b's sex anthem


Monday, February 3, 2014

Hicranlı Şarkılar - by Barış Kıvanç

Bongwater- You don't love me yet
Siskiyou- Everything i have
Robert Wyatt - Just as you are
The Triffids - Tender is the night
Weekend- Summerdays
Cat's Eyes- I'm not stupid
El Perro Del Mar- God Knows
Durutti Column - For Belgian Friends
Ana D- Todo Comenzó
Prefab Sprout - Cruel
Nina Simone- For A While (live)
Jacqueline Humbert - Distant Space
My Bloody Valentine - Good For You