Saturday, December 12, 2009

# I

art ensemble of chicago - ja
antonio carlos jobim - tristeza (black orpheus)
panda bear - take pills
cornelius - tone twilight zone
yellow magic orchestra - pure jam
urfalı babi - cananım
the south sea serenaders - quite village
beverley phillips orchestra and chorus - the good bad and the ugly
squarepusher - eezee boogie
tortoise - eros
gary wilson - newark valley
can - babylonian pearl
serge gainsbourg - docteur jekyll et monsieur hyde
8 frozen modules - warm and the cold electrified angel
jaakko eino kalevi - kahvilaulu
os batuqueros - partido alto
sven libaek - inner space



  1. Nice mix...were you behind as I was wondering what the p/w was for the Shuggie Otis lp was?

  2. thanks for the comment. i don't know zombibaba i checked, it's gone. shuggie can it be information inspiration. best